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Kids Within the Reach

Kids Helping Kids


Kids Within the Reach

We are a student-lead 501 non-profit organization based in Frisco, Texas dedicated to addressing malnutrition in children. Through the philosophy kids helping kids, Kids Within the Reach has had an international impact on a pressing issue.

Two Sides of the Same Coin


  • Conducting various STEM-related camps
  • Providing leadership and volunteering opportunities for older students
  • Increasing awareness of the STEM field in younger children
  • Raising donations through camps and other initiatives


  • Providing milk to children in need around the world
  • Partnership with organizations in other countries
  • Improving children’s health
  • Creating a positive environment

Addressing Malnutrition

Addressing malnutrition in children around the world


Creating an impact through workshops, lessons, discussions, and blogs to address a global issue

Bring Awareness

Promoting and bringing attention to underlooked causes such as malnutrition in children around the world


Raising money to provide milk to children in need

Addressing Malnutrition


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You Can Save Lives Right Now

Every $10.00 donated to our organization helps provide 40 glasses of milk to children in need around the world

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