We are a student-led 501 non-profit organization based in Frisco, Texas dedicated to addressing malnutrition in children. Through the philosophy of “Kids Helping Kids,” Kids Within the Reach has had an international impact on a pressing issue. Students are given the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills to younger children in their community by teaching summer camps on various STEM topics. The older children can develop leadership and communication skills while the younger children gain in-depth knowledge of a STEM topic. Through the donations raised by teaching these summer camps, we are able to purchase milk for children in need around the world. Our partners, Libraries of Love and the Gram Swaraj Trust, can utilize these donations and provide milk to children in need in Uganda, Kenya, and India respectively.


        When I was in middle school, my science teacher assigned me a project to research the lack of nutrition in children around the world. To complete my assignment, I had to read a few articles to summarize the issue. After researching some more, I was astonished to discover how many children were affected. This growing problem currently affects 144 million children around the world. I was disturbed that so many kids my age lacked access to basic nutrition due to the unavailability of food and water. Later that year, when I was visiting family in India in 7th grade, I noticed how many problems children faced due to the lack of a nutritional meal. These kids were malnourished, rejected, and hopeless about their situation. That is when I decided I needed to do my part to address this problem and there came the idea of Kids Within the Reach.

        - Mihit Sai Garlanka

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